Mission Statement

MyShoDog.com is dedicated to the community of Breeders, Owners and most importantly Dogs who compete under canine registries around the world – such as American Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club, The Kennel Club, United Kennel Club, Australian Shepherd Club of America, foreign registries etc. We support and believe in Breeders, Owners and Organizations that advocate for purebred dogs; protect the rights of all dogs, dog owners, and ethical dog breeders that always strive for responsible dog ownership and breeding.

MyShoDog.com was built to provide a Free and Easy way for Breeders and Owners to showcase their individual kennel or dog’s achievements in a public social networking site without the non-dog related distractions seen in other social networking sites. Our Profile pages consist of two categories “Breeder/Kennel” and “Dog” as we see this site as a network where owners/breeders can showcase their dogs by easily uploading photos, videos and pedigrees. We created simple and streamlined communication tools that allow you to easily post Best of Breed, Group Wins or Best in Show Announcements, High in Trial Announcements, etc. Once your Announcement is posted it will automatically be sent to the Dashboard of any registered user in the network who has clicked the “Follow” button on your page. You can also use the “Share” button to send a link of your page containing the Announcement to your email account and addresses, Facebook account, Twitter account, etc. In addition, because all of our Profiles are public your Announcements are also visible by the general internet public. As our community grows the “Follow” button will allow users to avoid searching multiple websites in order to learn of others achievements and wins.

We feel MyShoDog.com is an avenue to connect ethical Breeders/Kennels to the general public, with the goal and high hopes that through these connections we can guide future dog owners away from inadvertently supporting and funding “puppy Millers” and “backyard breeders”. We believe this effort is the responsibility of not only this site and its users but also all the ethical breeders and owners across the nation. We ask any registered users or visitors to this site to alert us of any potential concerns you come across.

We have found in our 20 years as a Breeder/Owner/Handler that there are no more compassionate or dedicated individuals focused on the health improvement of dogs than an ethical breeder.


MyShoDog.com was created by Jason & Jasa Hatcher, with the help of some very skilled developers and designers. Jasa is a second generation Breeder/Owner/Handler of Australian Shepherds and has been active for 28 years in the world of dogs. We wanted to create a site that would further enhance the health and protect dogs around the world while also giving an arena for Breeders and Owners to showcase their amazing companions, competitors and champions.

Please contact us to let us know any improvements, additions, question you have and we hope you really enjoy this community.

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Email: myshodog@myshodog.com